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Amicus is a Windows based operating system designed to suit any environment.

Amicus has a long list of features and is being continuously updated with the latest technology to ensure you have the best tools possible for your business.

All Your Data in One Place

Amicus stores your data using Microsoft SQL server, this means your data is always accessible, even without an internet connection.

Amicus comes with an automatic backup system that can be set up to ensure that all you data is safeguarded in case of any hardware failure.

Highly Responsive

Amicus is a designed with speed in mind. From product and customer creation, to making sales, the software was optimised to make it easy and quick to use.



Software plus installation and ongoing 24/7 support – $90 per month

Outright purchase from $2,700 includes 12 months support (support contracts available after 12 months)

Outright purchase of an Amicus + hardware bundle $4,700 (Finance available) includes 12 months support (support contracts available after 12 months)

Point of Sales


The Amicus system is completely customisable. From the sale screen layout, the receipt layout, the security settings and even the customer display, the Amicus system can be customised to suit your business.

Sale Screen

Amicus designers created a simple to use lay out for the sales screen to optimise transaction speed.

This system was designed to give you the tools to conduct your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. A wide array of buttons allows you to quickly add products, edit pricing and apply discounts.


Customisable receipt layouts which can be printed with either a receipt printer or an A4 printer. Receipts and invoices can also be re printed or emailed to customers.


Quick Sales

The Amicus system provides you with a wide range of payment options. Each of which allows you to finalise a sale with just two clicks. For smaller sales of less than $100, Amicus allows you to finalise the sale in one action. Just select the amount provided by the customer to finalise the sale.


Offer discounts to customers using the pre-set 5% and 10% discount buttons or use the ‘Apply Discount’ button to choose how much of a discount to apply for selected products.

Order Notes

Use the notes system to keep track of any special requests by customers when placing an order.


Create and record a customer’s details, including delivery address and contact number, whilst taking an order. Store customer details and delivery addresses to save time when placing future orders.

Custom Payment Types

Create and manage custom payment types such as chequs, account and cards to increase your customer’s payment options.



Fast Cash, Fast Payments

For small sales of less than $100 Amicus allows you to finalise the sale in only one action. Just select the amount provided by the customer to finalise the sale.

Card Payments

Simple and quick card payment with integrated EFTPOS reduces user errors and maximises efficiency.

Split Payments

Mix and match payment options to allow customers to pay with the method of their choice, for example, cash and card, card and card or account and card.

Account Sales

Utilise the Customer Account system to keep track of your customer’s purchases. Print and email invoices to your customers straight from Amicus.

Part Payments and Lay-Bys

Create lay-bys and accept any amount as payments as many times as necessary to complete the lay-by.


Store Management


Place, receive and finalise orders to your suppliers straight from Amicus. Keep track of orders sent to suppliers as well as completed orders.


Refund past transactions, either full transactions or single products using either cash, card or account credit.

Daily Totals (Balance Till)

Run a daily till balance to keep track of your daily total sales by payment types, as well as any payments made and any cash in or out of the till.

Cash In / Cash Out

Keep your balance in order by using this function to add or remove cash during the day. Use this function for your float, petty cash or payments made straight from the till to ensure your daily balance is kept up to date.

Staff Accounts

To increase security and improve staff management, take advantage of staff accounts to create an unlimited number of staff logins each with their own personal code.

Increase staff security further by using the staff roles function to allocate staff privileges and rights to help limit staff errors.


Easy Product Management from Anywhere

Complete control over the product management allows you to add, edit and close products as you wish. Product image, storage location, stock levels and pricing can all be set from the same simple menu. Also take advantage of pricing options to set scheduled pricing changes or discounts as needed.

Unlimited Products

Create any amount of products, departments or product groups required to run your business. Create and sell unlimited amounts of products as required.


Create products as components of other product to help manage stock quantity levels and sales.


Use variants such as size, colour, etc. to help refine your reports and give you better control over your products.

Bulk Import and Export

When receiving stock from a supplier simply import the stock into Amicus using a csv file to manage stock adjustments with ease. Also use the product import template to import your products when opening a new store.


Simple barcode creation whilst adding a product.

Take advantage of the inbuilt label printing tools to print product and shelf labels, complete with barcode.


Stay Informed

Quick reports can help show your current stock level, how much stock is currently being moved, which products are selling fastest and much more. Utilise these reports to determine which stock needs re-ordering, which product are most profitable and which direction to take your business.

Painless Stock-Takes

Easy to use stocktake management system enables you to run a full or partial stocktake, so you can do stocktakes even when you are busy. Complete the stocktake from the system or import the stocktake from excel or a handheld device.


Adjust stock levels as required based on different options such as, theft, out-of-date or damaged goods, to keep an up to date stock quantity level.

Customer Management

Manage Customer Relationships

Create and manage customer accounts, keep track of their purchases, invoice customers on a weekly or monthly basis, store customer details and manage customer loyalty all directly from Amicus.


Take advantage of the inbuilt loyalty system to reward regular customers by providing them with vouchers based on a point system, or create a range of customer groups and provide discounts based on how much a customer has spent.


See the Bigger Picture

With over 40 different reports at your fingertips it is easy to monitor the activity in your stores, from how many sales have gone through to which is the best-selling product and even which staff are making the most sales.

All the Numbers You Need

The extensive reports provide a numerical and graphical representation of your business, making it easier to understand and identify your business needs.

Export Reports

All reports can be exported from Amicus into a wide range of formats, such as PDF, CSV or Excel formats. These formats can also be e-mailed directly from Amicus to anyone such as your accountant, or you can simply export it straight into Xero or Saasu.

Click Here to Download Reports List


Amicus allows you to create individual staff login details and permissions providing you with peace of mind and increased security.

Amicus is an independent system not requiring an internet connection to operate.

All your data is stored locally in a database on the machine and can be accessed at any time.


The Amicus system is a windows based software designed to work efficiently on almost any available hardware.




Amicus can be bundled with selected compatible hardware at competitive prices. Amicus is pre-installed on the hardware and no installation is required.


Amicus is capable of supporting as many printers as required.

You can customise Amicus to print your products or orders to one or many printers at the same time. You can even share printers between terminals in a network environment.


Amicus contains an inbuilt label and barcode printing function. With this powerful tool you can customise and print your barcode or shelf labels straight from the system by using an A4 printer or a label printer


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